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Hydrogen Sweden
Drottninggatan 21
SE-411 14 Göteborg

Björn Aronsson
Björn Aronsson

Managing Director
Tel: +46 70-471 99 50

Nedla Karahusic
mail-iconNeđla Karahusić

Financial Manager
Tel: +46 31-334 37 75

Erik Wiberg
Erik Wiberg

Senior Analyst
Tel: +46 70-304 01 01
E-post: erik.wiberg@vatgas.se

Louise Weinreder
mail-iconLouise Weinreder

Senior Project Financial Manager
Tel: +46 731-48 84 44

Promoting hydrogen as an energycarrier in Sweden

Hydrogen can become a new, efficient and environmentally friendly energy carrier. It can be produced from a number of energy sources and with different processing technologies. Major industries in Europe support the development of hydrogen for transport, aiming to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives. This is a process of development and one way to progress is through demonstration projects.

Hydrogen Sweden is a Public Private Partnership with members and financiers from industry, NGO’s and local, regional and national government. The PPP was founded in January 2007 and promotes a balanced and pragmatic approach to hydrogen. Hydrogen Sweden is non-profit, includes circa 50 members at the moment. These are our members and financiers.


Hydrogen Sweden is a member of the following partnerships and organisations:


The Swedish Guide to Hydrogen

The first Swedish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell guide is now available. The guide is not a complete cover of the Swedish stakeholders, but it gives you a good idea of who is who in industry, research and institutes involved in the field.

Download guide