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Sweden shows Obama it’s most prominent clean tech – fuel cells!

2013-09-05|0 Comments

Hydrogen Sweden is delighted to see that Swedish fuel cells were selected as showcase when Sweden presented its finest green innovations to president Obama, during his official visit on September 4th. The demonstration took place [...]

Promoting hydrogen as an energycarrier in Sweden

Hydrogen can become a new, efficient and environmentally friendly energy carrier. It can be produced from a number of energy sources and with different processing technologies. Major industries in Europe support the development of hydrogen for transport, aiming to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives. This is a process of development and one way to progress is through demonstration projects.

Hydrogen Sweden is a Public Private Partnership with members and financiers from industry, NGO’s and local, regional and national government. The PPP was founded in January 2007 and promotes a balanced and pragmatic approach to hydrogen. Hydrogen Sweden is non-profit, includes circa 50 members at the moment. These are our members and financiers.

Hydrogen Sweden’s mission is to facilitate the introduction of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Sweden. To do so we initiate demonstration projects, disseminate information and strengthen the collaboration between actors from various fields with a joint interest in hydrogen. We are also open to exploring synergies with other alternative fuels and technologies.

Hydrogen Sweden contributes to

Increased knowledge and awareness about the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

More practical applications and demonstrations of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Involving more actors with interests in the hydrogen area.

Hydrogen being included to a larger extent in political strategies, regulations and legal framework as well as in research programmes.

Economical growth and more working opportunities in the trade and industry related to hydrogen.

The Swedish Guide to Hydrogen

The first Swedish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell guide is now available. The guide is not a complete cover of the Swedish stakeholders, but it gives you a good idea of who is who in industry, research and institutes involved in the field.

Download guide


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